Petit Pups Recommended Measurements:

Pup Bandanas:


Pup Clothes:

Be sure to check the actual measurements of each item listed in the description, as not all dog clothing on our website have the same sizing standards. The best way to measure your dog for clothes is length, chest, and neck size.

Length: From the back of their neck to the base of their tail.

Neck: 360 around their neck area.

Chest: 360 around their chest area.

Once you get the length, neck, and chest measurements of your dog, you will be able to compare that with the measurements of the item itself. If you are still in need of assistance, feel free to email us at If you are local please feel free to request a private appointment to come fit your dog.

Please note for the pets comfort it is recommended to leave 1cm margin for small dogs, 3-5 cm margin for large dogs, and 2cm margin for long haired dogs.

Measure Your Pup